Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Tip-Getting the Best Price for your Disney Vacation

While some guests don't have to watch what they spend when considering a Walt Disney World vacation, most of us are usually counting all of our pennies trying to get the best value for our vacation dollars.  This is especially important for a destination like WDW where everything can add up quickly-from room to tickets to food to souvenirs...and don't forget those incidentals that you might not expect like medicine if someone gets sick, ponchos or an umbrella (if you forgot yours) and other similar unexpected extras.  So...today's Tuesday Tip is how to get the best price for your Disney Vacation.
Visiting the Mouse can really add up-save with discount promotions!
Depending on how far in advance of your trip that you decide to book, you may or may not see any special promotions or discounts posted on WDW's website for the time you'll be traveling.  The further out you want to book your trip, the less likely that there will be a promotion available.  BUT--don't let this deter you from booking your trip for the dates you want.  If you are booking a package (room & tickets; room, tickets & dining; Annual Passholders-room & dining), your deposit is going to be $200 per room.  Room-only reservation deposits are equal to the cost of the first night of your stay on the reservation.  The part about getting the best price comes in once discounts do start getting released for your travel dates, because as long as you qualify for a discount when it comes out...meaning your stay is within the dates of the promotion, category of resort, length of stay, etc...you can get that discount applied to your reservation, lowering the cost of your trip and getting a bigger bang for your buck.  And saving money on the biggest costs-room, tickets and dining-means more money available for the fun extras and those unexpected problems that may come up.
Snagging a discount promotion could mean you have enough in your budget to upgrade to a Deluxe resort!
Don't have time to keep checking back to see if a new promotion has been released?  This is when using a travel agent that specializes in Disney destinations can really pay off since most of those agents that specialize in Disney (like me) will continuously monitor your reservation for any promotions, then get discounts applied to your reservation as soon as they are released as long as your trip qualifies.  I know I've been able to save my clients plenty this way-some just a small amount, but others hundreds of dollars.  And most travel agents--especially those who specialize in Disney--don't charge any fees so your trip will not cost you any more than if you had booked on your own...without the headache of having to track your reservation constantly for the release of discounts.

So, whether you want to do it yourself or you use a travel agent, remember that even if you book at rack rate (the maximum charged for a room), Disney will allow discounts released after you book to be applied to your reservation to help lower your cost.

Have you ever had a discount applied after already booking your trip?  How much have you been able to save by getting a discount after your initial reservation?

Need help booking a Disney vacation?  You can request a free quote from my travel agent website or use the Contact Me information in the tab at the top of the blog. As always, there are no extra fees for booking with me :-)

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