Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Tip-Checking the Refurbishment Schedule

Have you ever gotten to Walt Disney World (or any theme park), excited to ride your favorite rides, only to experience the total let-down of seeing those infamous wooden walls around an attraction and a sign saying it's "Closed for Refurbishment"?  Yeah, me too.  To keep yourself from being disappointed when you arrive at the park, you can always check the refurbishment schedule before you go to see what attractions will be closed while you're there...then you can plan an alternate park touring schedule so you don't waste any time heading for a ride when it's not even going to be available.

I've added a Refurbishment Schedule tab above where you can check out the latest closings at the Walt Disney World resort.  As a travel agent specializing in Disney, I get this information directly from their travel agent portal and I'll be updating the page weekly for you.  You may want to bookmark the Refurbishment Schedule page so you can easily check back for any new information before your trip.  And as always, feel free to use the information on the Contact Me page if you have specific questions you'd like to ask.

Arriving at the parks to find your favorite rides or restaurants are closed can really throw a damper on your day or even your whole trip.  I've actually had people adjust the dates of their vacation so they can avoid the closure of their favorite rides!  Be sure to plan ahead by checking the schedule before your trip.

Have you ever moved your trip dates to avoid ride refurbishments?  What ride closures would put a damper on your trip if you didn't know about them ahead of time?

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