Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Collectible Walt Disney World-Vinylmation and a Giveaway!

Many guests come away from a Walt Disney World vacation with cool new souvenirs for friends and family.  Others like to bring home things for themselves...after all, having a fun reminder of your awesome WDW vacation can bring back happy memories of your trip! 

Souvenirs are a great way to remember your vacation

One thing many repeat visitors love to do is start a collection that they add to with each trip.  For example, I used to collect Disney ornaments.  Every trip I would stop in to the Disney’s Days of Christmas store at Downtown Disney to get a new ornament for our Christmas tree.  I only stopped when we stopped putting up the tree every year due to space constraints in the apartment we had moved into.  Some people collect Mickey ear hats, others collect the pressed pennies you can find around the parks and of course tons of guests love to collect Disney can even trade pins with Cast Members and other guests.

Then in 2008, a new souvenir was introduced-Vinylmation figures.  These figures all come in the shape of Mickey Mouse, but are all decorated or colored to represent different things.  Some are solid colors, some are decorated to look like other Disney characters, others are colored to represent sports teams and so on.  They come in different sizes from tiny 1.5” figures to 3” all the way up to 9”...and just like with any collectible you can find prices from the quite cheap to the obscenely expensive.  But your average 3” figure starts at about $12.95 and goes up from there based on design and how many of that type of figure have been produced.  And just like the pins, guests like to trade the Vinylmation figures too.  They are a fun and cute way to remember your vacation and most everyone should be able to find one they like.
Aren't these guys just adorable?
Think you might like to start a collection of your own?  After all, $12.95 is about half the price of most t-shirts you’ll find in the parks and a Vinylmation wil most likely last you a heck of a lot longer than a t-shirt anyway.  Plus, some of these are just so darn cute!  I was able to procure several figures and decided to sponsor a giveaway for my readers.  So to start off I’ll be giving away this adorable Goofy-design 3” Vinylmation from the Color Block series.  A great way to start a collection of your own, or add to an existing collection...or even use it to trade!  I’ll be giving away one Vinylmation each month for the next few months to a lucky reader.  Interested in your own Vinylmation figure?  Here's the first Vinylmation giveaway-enter using the Rafflecopter widget at the end-and don't forget to share the giveaway with friends, family and anyone else who loves Disney:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I always look at the vinylmations... but have never gotten one. We were somewhat into pin trading for awhile but havent even brought pins to disney the last few times we have gone.... mostly i just collect weight while there... because you know, candy apples, and cookies, and icecream all add up!

    1. I got pins for a while too, but kind of drifted away from that. Now the only time I get a pin is for Disney races (and not necessarily every race either). I may keep one of the Vinylmations for myself, they're just so cute...


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