Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Tip-A Little Extra Magic for Those Celebrating While at Walt Disney World

Will you be celebrating something during your Walt Disney World Trip?  Maybe a birthday, an anniversary, engagement, marriage or a personal triumph?  Make sure you have your travel agent note this on your reservation (or you can do this yourself if you prefer making the reservation on your own). Normally when you check in to your WDW resort, the Cast Member will see the notation and offer you a pin to wear to show what you are celebrating:
For the birthday one, the Cast Member will write your name on the button (or have you write it) and when you're wearing it other Cast Members will tell you Happy Birthday.  You could actually write things on any of the buttons-like for the Personal Triumph--maybe you're running your first half or full marathon at WDW, you could put that on the button; or you and your spouse's names on the anniversary, engaged or just married buttons, etc.  Cast Members will congratulate you when they see it.

If it's not offered at check-in (for example, if it was listed on your reservation too close to your trip so the resort didn't receive the information), be sure to let the Cast Member who is checking you in know you are celebrating something and if the buttons aren't offered, just ask for them--they'll be happy to provide them.

Just another way Disney likes to add a little magic to your vacation!

Have you ever gotten a celebration button while at WDW?  I've gotten the birthday, anniversary and "I'm Celebrating!" ones before :-)

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