Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Tip-Best places to rest your feet in the Walt Disney World Theme Parks

While I know you want to get the most out of your Walt Disney World vacation after all the time and money you've spent, sometimes you just need to crash for a little bit while in the parks-if only to rest your tired little feet for just a few minutes.  So for this week's Tuesday tip, here's my favorite ways to  get off your feet for a bit (and maybe even catch forty winks while you're at it!):

Magic Kingdom
-Want to relax for more than just one trip around Tomorrowland on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (the Peoplemover)?  If there is not a huge line of guests waiting to board when you get back to the station, ask the cast member at the exit station if you can remain on... but DO NOT get out of the car until you ask. Once you exit the car, you’ll have to exit the attraction and then go thru the entrance again to get back on.  Usually if it’s not too busy, when you ask they’ll shut the door of your car and you can go back around again.
-The Hall of Presidents (Liberty Square)-sit in an air conditioned theater for this approximately 23 minute animatronic show to give yourself a nice, cool break in your day
-Carousel of Progress (Tomorrowland)-another animatronic theater, also air-conditioned with a show just over 20 minutes long
-Walt Disney Railroad (stations on Main Street, USA; Frontierland; New Fantasyland)-take a 20 minute round-trip journey around the entire Magic Kingdom park...also a great way to get from one area of the park to another without a lot of walking.

-Ellen's Energy Adventure (Future World)-hands down the longest attraction at the Walt Disney World theme parks at 45 minutes...and also a great way to escape an afternoon downpour.  Not so good for napping though-the movie portions can get quite loud.
-Circle of Life (Future World, The Land pavilion)-just under 20 minutes long, air-conditioned theater
-Impressions de France (World Showcase, France pavilion)-18 minute movie in a huge air-conditioned theater...DH and I stop here almost every trip-fantastic music as well!
-American Adventure (World Showcase, America pavilion)-just over 28 minutes, animatronic show in yes--another air-conditioned theater

Disney's Hollywood Studios
-Indiana Jones' Epic Stunt Show Spectacular (30 minutes)-outdoor theater, no air-conditioning
-Lights, Motor, Action! Extreme Stunt Show (35 minutes)-outdoor theater, no air-conditioning
-Great Movie Ride (just over 18 minutes)-indoors, air-conditioned with live action and animatronics
-Muppet Vision 3-D (just over 17 minutes)-indoor theater, air-conditioned 3-D short movie (one of my favorites, it's just so cute!)

Animal Kingdom
-Festival of the Lion King (live stage show)-30 minutes-indoor, air-conditioned theater
-Finding Nemo-The Musical (live stage show)-30 minutes-indoor, air-conditioned theater
-Flights of Wonder-outdoor show with live birds, not air-conditioned-25 minutes

Which is your favorite way to take a load off while storming the parks?

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