Sunday, April 15, 2012

Topics about Disney World-ideas?

If you were looking for a blog about Walt Disney World in Florida, what topics would you want to see? There’s always the standard ones about the hotels, restaurants, rides and such. Any specialized topics? Off-the-beaten-path questions? I’ll be putting up static pages with generalized information regarding on-property hotel types and the four parks plus a “Did you know” page with random facts about Disney World. But I want to make this at least a little different than your average Disney World blog where everyone puts up the same information.

I will put up posts from time to time about the runDisney events, but mostly generalized information since I have a separate blog about running & races at Making it Happen (come on over and visit!). And when fall and winter are coming around again I’ll put up posts about the Halloween and Christmas parties and of course the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. Are there other events you’d like to see detailed here?

I know saving money while at WDW is always a helpful topic so I’ll pop those in as often as I can. But really, please let me know what you would want to see posted too-chances are if you are interested, others are too...and while I am mostly doing this blog as a way for me to write about my favorite place to be, I’d love to be helping others enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth as well! I figure with as often as I’ve been there, and as often as I still go, there’s plenty of information in my head to share (or if not I know where to find it).

So have at it...and if you’re shy about posting a comment, please use the Contact Me page to send me an email.

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