Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Photopass cards at Walt Disney World

With the ability now to have Photopass photographers just scan your MagicBand after they take your picture to put your photos right into your account, not as many guests have been using the traditional Photopass cards:

For those who do, here's your Tuesday tip.  As soon as you get your card, take a clear picture of the back with your camera or phone:
Now, if you happen to lose your card during your vacation, you'll still have the number from the back of the card to enter online to retrieve the photos that have been taken on that card so far...so no lost pictures!  You're allowed to get and enter multiple cards into your account online, so if you do lose your card, you can always get another from the next photographer.  By taking a picture of the back, you ensure that even if you do lose your card along the way, you won't lose the precious memories made during your vacation.

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