Monday, June 24, 2013

Tuesday Tip-Epcot's Germany-It's the Little Things...

If you've been to Epcot and checked out the Germany pavilion in the World Showcase, you may have noticed the amazing model train landscape they have set up there.  There's a little village, trees and landscaping, a little farm...all in miniature.  There's usually three trains running, though sometimes you may only see one or two chugging along.

Now for the fun tip...

You know how Disney is known for its amazing attention to even the smallest of details, right?  If you're lucky enough to be able to visit Walt Disney World more than once, especially if it's at different times of the year, be sure to carefully scrutinize the display.  The setup will change depending on the time of year.  During the winter, the little town is decorated for the holidays, and during Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival, you'll see miniature food booths just like the food booths around the World Showcase!  There's even people standing around tall tables enjoying what they got at the booths and a mini-cranberry bog, just like the real-life cranberry bog they had for the festival!
Miniature Food & Wine Festival Booths in the train set
So, on your next trip to Epcot, be sure to check out the trains in Germany and see what setup they have going on.  My favorite?  Many years ago in the farm section, there was a crop circle in the middle of the farmer's field and they had the farmer standing next to it with his head tilted back staring up at the sky as if he was looking for the aliens who did it.  The best part?  The crop circle was in the shape of a Mickey head!

Do you check out the trains whenever you visit?  What different setups have you seen?
Here's a wider view of the above set...see the walkway at the top?  That's where you can walk thru, so it will help with the perspective of the size of the setup (and yes, there's more of the model trains on the other side of the walkway-there's a tunnel that takes the trains thru to the other side!)
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